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Is Home Security Monitoring Really Required?

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That is a frequent and incredibly fair question. However there really is no one answer fits all response.

Some will claim it is a matter of opinion, whilst others will look at it as a matter of perspective.

There are no facts to say yes, you should spend your money on home security monitoring. Far from it in fact.

At the same time there are no guides that say you should have an alarm fitted to your home. Nothing that tells you which type of lock to place on your door.

Home security monitoring is a fantastic addition to your security protocol; however it is largely down to taste.


Why is home security monitoring used?

Simply put people use this as an extra form of both protection and peace of mind.

When you are at home you can control (to a large degree) who has access to your home. You can also view who is visiting your property.

This could be in the form of visually seeing who is there, or perhaps by using CCTV cameras.

However when you are not home, who is looking after your property?

In many cases it is in fact no-one.

Without trying to scare monger here, we all have locks on our homes. That perhaps will not be enough of a deterrent to put off those who wish to intrude upon our space.

The next form of a deterrent is often an alarm. When the home is entered when the alarm is activated, then a sound will alert the intruder that they have been noticed.

The hope would then be that they immediately leave your property.

I will elaborate on this very shortly, but there is good reason why that is not always the case.

CCTV is another form of deterrent and is increasing in popularity, with good reason.

If someone was able to break into your home, then you are able to view any footage of this after the event, in the hope of identifying the culprit.

However the key word here is after.

So home security monitoring can be used to check on all of this information live. Not an hour later or the next day. Exactly as it is happening.

Let me discuss further why you may consider using home security monitoring.


Is it required?

Once again this is a fairly common question, and the answer tends to fall to the homeowner.  We touched briefly on which types of security measures people have in place. Let us elaborate on that.

We mentioned that a lock would be the first form of deterrent and an alarm is often the second.

Let me ask you some questions, and I would ask you to be honest within your response.

When was the last time you heard a house alarm go off?

Fairly recent I would imagine. Perhaps in the last week?

I would certainly imagine in the last month.

So assuming that person near to you has a house alarm, and it works. I would next ask what action did you take when you heard the alarm go off?

Did you investigate the disturbance?

Did you ask someone else to do so? Perhaps you called the police?

Or did you do nothing?

If it was the latter that is certainly not a criticism. The majority of people do in fact do exactly that. Perhaps they even curse the fact that the alarm is going off.


As often it is a false alarm.

Perhaps a window was left open, something has fallen off a shelf or maybe an animal as activated it.

This is all to common, and in fact the natural reaction to a house alarm now is for most people to ignore it.

Think again to your last occasion, if you did not check to see if all was ok, did someone else?

The fact is that house alarms can and do act as a deterrent. However they may not be enough to ensure the intruder has left the premises.

So what would confirm this? CCTV.

Once again we discussed that many people have CCTV cameras now. They can be an invaluable tool to identify and intruder after an event.

However how many CCTV owners monitor them live if there is a disturbance?

Some cameras do in fact have this capability; and it is a fantastic tool. Although if you are out, in a meeting; or perhaps driving. Then can you realistically monitor this; and act appropriately?

A home security monitoring third party could. In fact this is one of their main purposes.

Their role is to protect your property when you are not there to do so.


Primary function of home security monitoring

If someone was to trigger the alarm to your home, then a member from the home security monitoring team can immediately contact you to check that all is ok.

If you were unable to be contacted then they could raise this to the relevant authorities.

They can also monitor cameras live. If the alarm was triggered and there was in fact an unwanted visitor to your home.

The monitoring service could check whether in fact they were still in the property. This could result in the police being called to the scene instantly to ensure that the culprit was apprehended.

They could also keep the police updated with live feedback. Something you certainly could not do if you were not at home.

Their role is to act with haste, when you cannot be there to do so. This should provide you with an enormous amount of peace of mind.



Do note that all of these measures may still not keep someone out of your home. However they can certainly increase the chances of stopping or catching the person(s) doing so.

Even if you don’t feel that you have any valuables worth taking. Having home security monitoring for your home can help you to keep your personal and cherished possessions protected.

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